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The Interactive Adaptation Participatory Process tool

The adaptation process that is outlined within this interactive tool has been developed by African Local Governments, with African local governments with the purpose of assisting African local government decision-makers to enter into a participatory planning process, comprising of different components with the objective of improving adaptive capacity (awareness, skills, knowledge and decision-making). It is appreciated that different African local governments will be at different stages of climate change preparedness planning (i.e. some may have already undertaken an overarching climate vulnerability study, whilst others may have undertaken an in-depth study on the impacts of a particular climate variable to a specific local government sector). This interactive tool has therefore been developed to assist African local governments in following a logical process that may be determined by the amount of resources and capacity available and thus choose the level at which they choose to use this tool.

It is worth noting here that throughout the process, users of the tool are strongly advised to work and engage with as many key local stakeholders in a participatory manner to ensure that decisions, understanding and information available is as fully informed as possible. It is also understood, that adaptation is not a "once-off" event, for a local government to be adapting to climate change (given the nature of the climate projections and the range and uncertainty associated with this) it is understood that users will go back and forth through the process, perhaps to update information obtained, stakeholders involved, objectives and targets (as new ones are created and old ones are achieved) and of course, to review and monitor progress.

Additional information about the tool and the provision of examples of actions that have been undertaken by African local governments (whilst developing the tools and processes) are available throughout and are encouraged to be used as resources to support activities in your local government. We also encourage all users to become a member of the ICLEI- Local Governments for Sustainability network (both regional and global) of local governments to enhance and ensure city-to-city exchanges of information.

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